Introduction: Spiaral Model Widget

To be honesty, i do not know how to call this widget.I just curious spiral object which looks like a life circle for me.

This idea comes from a real experience of visiting a museum which get a spiral stair and a snail shell i found in my collections.I like the spinning down movement which is mysterious and magical. all in all, it is a funny object.

Now i will show you how to make one-like.

Step 1: Material Preparations

you would prepare these materials for this project as above images shows.

Step 2: Download Drawing and Start Printing

  1. Download drawings and decompress.
  2. Load those files named crank_handle.stl, sprocket_gear.stl,


    andgear_lift.stl into UP! 3D printing software in turn and prepare to print.

  3. Set configures in UP! by click 3D print > setup and refer to specific settings to above last image in this step.
  4. It will around 2 hours to printing them all, so be patient.

Step 3: Start Cutting

  1. Place chipboard under laser working area and adjust the distance between laser head and chipboard.
  2. open a DWG format file named Basswood chipboard cutting drawing.dwg and start cutting.

Note that you should set the distance between laser head and chipboard as 25 mm.

Step 4: Assemble All Parts

Assemble all part as above image shows and you have get all done.

Step 5: More Innovative Projects

You can make more applications which will be more colorful funny objects with 3D Printer.

A realistic 3D printing service provider recommendation: Seeedstudio.