Introduction: Jellyfish-like Lamp

I always be fascinated about jellyfish. They have been on earth for millions of years, even before dinosaurs and some species of them live in deep and dark seas which seems a alien world to us. Do you know that people in china take some species of them as food. I guess that is because of that a jellyfish is mainly made up water and protein and no fat contained. So i build it a jellyfish-like Lamp which seems great for me at night. But do not expect too much, it just a piece of leisure time work and it looks more like the Gunga building in Star Wars.Now i will start showing to make one like mine. This project may do some good for teaching.

It is mainly consist of tow parts:the lighting bulb, outer frames and some basic programming(i will share my codes) work.

Step 1: Materials Required

All materials you need for this project is listed in above table:

Step 2: Do Cutting Works

  1. Download files required for making outer frames.
  2. Place chipboard under laser working area and adjust the distance between laser head and chipboard.
  3. Open a DWG format file named Jellyfish light.dwg.
  4. Set configurations to as above image shows in this step and start cutting.

Note that you should set the distance between laser head and chipboard as 25 mm.

Step 3: Print a Bulb Casing

  • Load a file named “bulb casing.stl” from downloaded files into software UP!

Note that please set printing parameters as follows image shows

  • start printing which may take approximately 30~40 minutes.

Step 4: Assemble Electronic Modules

  1. connect to all electronic modules as image above shows:

Step 5: Assemble Lamp Frame

  1. follow the steps shows in image to assemble a lamp frame and install electronic modules into it.

Step 6: More About This:

You can build a more innovative and interesting applications with 3D printer and laser cutter.In my case, i choose a manufacturing service provider called seeed for consideration for expenses.

At last, thank you for reading.