Introduction: Spicy Ice Cream

Have you ever thought of eating spicy ice cream. Well here is your chance because I am giving you a homemade ice cream recipe that will absolutely amaze you. The only spiciness in the ice cream is chili powder. I am going to show you any easy step by step process on how to make this amazing spicy ice cream.

Everybody loves a good bowl of ice cream after dinner or just as an afternoon snack. So I figured I might try to switch things up a little bit and give you a new option to try.


1. Homemade Ice Cream maker

2. Small bag of Ice

3. Pinch of salt

4. 1 cup Milk

5. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

6. 2 cups Heavy whipping cream

7. 1/2 cup of Sugar

8. 2 teaspoon of Cinnamon

9. 3 teaspoons of chili powder

10. 3 large eggs

11. Mixing bowl

12. Mixing spoon

13. large pellets of softener salt to go over the ice

14. Spatula

15. Blender

Step 1: Cool the Ice Cream Maker

First you have to pour your small bag of Ice around the edges of the ice cream maker. Pour the ice cubes around the edge of the ice cream bowl all the way to the top to be sure that you get the whole bowl chilled to make the ice cream efficiently.

Step 2: Mixing the Ingredients

Measure out all of your ingredients correctly. First pour all the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl. Then pour the liquids on top of the dry goods. After you have dumped or poured all of the ingredients in then you mix them around really good the be sure there are no chunks of and anything. To be sure that you mix it in very good it is helpful if you use an emersion blender.

Step 3: Starting to Churn

After you have mixed all of the ingredients thoroughly you dump the mixture into the whole on the top of the ice cream bowl. Then you press start to start the process of making the homemade spicy ice cream. I would recommend that you keep the ice cream maker outside while doing this because it is really loud when you are mixing it .

Step 4: Timing

Once you pour your mixture of ingredients into the ice cream maker it will take anywhere from 30-45 minutes to make.If the ice cream isn't all the way solidified you want to put the bowl into the the freezer for know more than 2 hours and it should be solid for you to eat it. And if you don't eat the entire bowl than you can just place it back into the freezer until the time you want to eat the spicy ice cream. From my personal experience of making this it took me 40 minutes for it to get good and solidified. Then we put it in the freezer for about and hour and a half to finish it off.

Step 5: Taking the Ice Cream Out of the Maker

As the Ice cream is churning you can check it as often as you want once it gets past the 30 minute mark. You can do that to see if it is as solid as you want. Once it is done you have to act quickly to be sure that it doesn't melt. So you need a spatula to scrape off the excess ice cream back into the bowl.

Step 6: The Fun Part

The fun part is trying the spicy ice cream out. I tried and the cinnamon is makes it taste very good, but in the end you can still taste the chili powder.

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