Introduction: Spicy Smoky Chipotle-Habanero Hot Sauce in Minutes!

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This simple, easy hot sauce is tastier, hotter, thicker, richer, and much cheaper than Tabasco Chipotle Sauce. I love(d) Tabasco Chipotle Sauce but it has always been hard-to-find and expensive. I couldn't find this rare Tabasco sauce at Walmart one day so I went over to the Latino foods section and found La Costeña Chipotle Peppers In Adobo Sauce, 7 Oz for just $1.26 a can. I figured I could just add equal amounts of vinegar and have a way better sauce so I bought a couple of cans. I added some habaneros for more flavor and heat. Habaneros (the H is silent) have a flavor unlike any other chile, and two heats––the immediate tongue burn and the after-burn a few minutes later.


Makes 32 oz. of hot sauce for under $3 (that's a lot of sauce for so little money)

  • 2x 7 oz. cans of Chipotle Peppers In Adobo Sauce
  • 4x large fresh habanero peppers
  • 14 oz. of white or cider vinegar


  • blender
  • medium size funnel
  • strainer that fits funnel
  • table spoon
  • 2x 16 oz. squeeze bottles

Step 1: Add Ingredients to Blender

  • The habaneros need to be cooked. The easiest way to do this is in the microwave. It took 2 minutes to soften them enough that they blended well.
  • Open the cans of chipotles and dump them into the blender container. You may need a spoon to scrape the contents out.
  • Holding the empty can over the container, fill it with vinegar. Stir to blend the can residue well and dump the liquid into the container.
  • Add the habaneros.

Step 2: Blend

  • Put the cover on the blender container tightly.
  • Blend on Low to start with, then Medium, and finally High.
  • Blend until it sounds smooth but thick–about a minute.
  • Remove the cover and check to see that the sauce is smooth and thick but not lumpy.

Step 3: Bottle

  • Place the funnel spout into the squeeze bottle.
  • Position the strainer so it nests in the mouth of the funnel.
  • Pour enough sauce to fill it maybe 2/3ds full.
  • Scrape against the mesh of the strainer with the spoon to force the sauce through, leaving behind the seeds and skins of the peppers.
  • When the sauce is completely transferred, scrape the seeds and skins into a bowl, leaving the mesh clean enough for the next batch.
  • Add more sauce to the strainer and repeat.
  • Fill the bottle to the top.
    • I went a little too far and overflowed the bottle. I simply wiped off the excess with a damp cloth.
  • Add the cap to the bottle and make sure the sauce flows smoothly.
    • You will probably have to cut the spout a bit so it is wide enough to accommodate this thick sauce.
  • Repeat for the second bottle.

That's it. Squeeze on hamburgers, veggie burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, tacos, anything that would benefit from the smoky peppery flavor and hot spicy mouth feel. Great when added to barbecue sauce.

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