Introduction: Spicy Tuna & Red Pepper

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Hello guys, I was hungry the other day and looking at the fridge for what to eat I just saw a frozen tuna steak and a red pepper so I made this and it was delicious.

Step 1: Ingredients

It's pretty simple

1. One Tuna steak. I used a frozen one sold at Costco that is really good.

2. One Red pepper, it can be yellow or green or any other.

3. Salt

4. Ground black pepper

Step 2: Make It Spicy

First put some black pepper in one side of the tuna it need to cover all of it, then put some salt and rub it. Do the same thing in the other side.

Step 3: Cut the Pepper

Cut the red pepper in half and take out the seeds, or the one that you're going to use, then cut the pepper in long slices.

Step 4: Season

Season the pepper with some black pepper. It will add some nice flavor.

Step 5: Seal

Seal the tuna steak to maintain the juiciness of it.

Put a griddle in the stove or it can be on a pan or you can even make it in a grill. To know if it is hot put your hand one inch above the grill and if you ca't put it more than 2 seconds it's hot enough, put one side of the tuna steak and then the other and the edges too, once it is sealed put the steak for 5 minutes in one side and then turn it over for 5 more minutes.

You can put the red peppers in the same pan next to the tuna steak or you can eat them raw.

Step 6: Ready to Eat!

Serve the Tuna steak with the red peppers and enjoy it. It will taste delicious.

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