Introduction: Spider Hunting!

This will teach you how to locate grass spiders in the dark using only a flashlight. It's fun, fascinating, and simple. I let my sons, ages 12 and 7, demonstrate the technique.

Step 1: Tools Needed:

You will need a bright flashlight, and some short grass in a dark area. A camera or camcorder is optional if you want to show other people how fun and simple it is!

That's it, let's go!

Step 2: Shinin 'em Spiders!

Place the flashlight (we are using a small LED flashlight, but most any should work) against your head at eye level and pointing toward the direction you are looking.

Shine the light on the grass in front of you about 6 to 10 feet away. You can find spiders much farther than 10 feet from you, but it is more difficult to walk up on them without losing exactly where they were.

Slowly turn your head back and forth and look for small "dew drop" like gleams in the grass. These are the eyes of the spiders reflecting your light.

Make a note of exactly where a gleam is located and walk directly to it, keeping the flashlight trained on that area. However, once you have pinpointed the location, it is not necessary to keep the light by your head because you will not likely see the reflection once you begin moving anyway.

Step 3: There He Is (or She, I'm Not Much on Spider Knowledge).

When you get to the place where you saw the gleam, you have to get real close to the ground because these guys are small, mostly about an inch in diameter or less. However, they are usually quite polite and hold still so you can find them.

Step 4: That's All There Is to It!

Now, watch the video where my sons demonstrate. It's, uh, very dark (duh) but you can see the important parts.