Introduction: Spider Plant

Are u worried of Killing a Plant.

Try Spider Plant.

It will be ur Friend Forever.A spider Plant is good for Clean air indoor and give U babies if he is happy with u.Its a great indoor hanging Plant and can adopt any environment.

It comes in many colors.


Its very simple to Grow a spider Plant,

U just need

A cutting from a Mother Plant

A Lil glass




Step 1: Baby

As u can see in pic, u just need cutting from a mother plant and put it in tissue and wet it,dripping wet for two or three weeks(depending on weather).

It will grow roots soon..Until then enjoy the beauty and the shape .And feel positive vibes around you

Step 2: Put It in Water

After U see the Babies of spider Plant are rooted ,

Put them in water and watch them grow beautifully long and big

Step 3: Put Them in Soil

After being 15 days or One month in water,You can now shift them in soil.And watch it grow,You may need to change the pots a few times as they will continue to grow big

Step 4: Finally

After It get big U can put them outdoor as they dont want a lot of sun..I am where Its desert so I put my plants outside to grow and give me lots of babies.

Enjoy the Glorious Green Of Spider Plant and enjoy the clean air of Ur home

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