Introduction: Spifesticks

Spifesticks enable you to eat yogurt, soup, and steak and  to use chopsticks, too. 

Step 1: Gather Materials

As a summer intern located away from my home, I am short on supplies. So, I improvised quite a bit. Feel free to change materials/methods as you feel fit. 

embroidery scissors
plastic spoon, knife, fork
earring wires
rubber earring backs

Step 2: Cut Spoon and Add Hole

Before cutting the spoon, place it along the chopstick and determine at one point you would like to shorten the spoon. I chose a little above the lip of the spoon.

Then proceed to bend the spoon back and forth at that point. Once the plastic is a little weaker, cut the spoon with scissors.

Step 3: Insert Hole in Spoon

Now that the spoon is shortened, a hole can be added to it for later attachment to the chopstick. The hole should be a little below the end of where the spoon was cut.

To insert the hole, warm the spoon  with a hairdryer to soften the plastic. Once the plastic is warmed, poke a hole through your desired spot  with sharp embroidery scissors.

Step 4: Insert Hole in Chopstick

To determine where to place the hole in the chopstick, align the spoon with chopstick in the location that you would like for it to be. Then place the embroidery scissors through the hole already in the spoon. Then proceed to twist the scissors deeper into the chopstick, eventually leading to a drilled hole.

Other methods may be better. However, scissors were the only tool available to me, so feel free to determine another method. 

Step 5: Attaching the Spoon to the Chopstick

Now that the spoon and chopstick both have holes, they can be attached using the earring wire. Before inserting the earring wire through both holes straighten it out. Then stick it through the holes. I chose to have the beaded end on top. However, orientation does not matter. Constrain the other end using an earring back and cut off excess wire using scissors. (The attached image is a fork, but it followed the same steps)

Step 6: Repeat Steps 2-5 Using a Knife/fork/spork

Step 7: Completion

Eat with your desired cutlery without having to worry about the functionality of any one component.