Introduction: Spinach Popsicle

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Spinach Popsicles... These Green Popsicle have tons of spinach in it, but seriously you can't taste it. It is the best way to include greens in your kids diet. The sweetness from banana cover up the spinach taste and lime added extra tangy taste to it. My kids gave thumbs up for this Popsicle. Till now they dint know it has spinach :)



Popsicle mold

Step 1: Ingredients

2 cups of tightly packed Spinach
3 Oranges or 1 cup of Orange juice
1 ripe Banana
60ml of sweet and sour lime

Step 2: Method

In blender, blend all the ingredients until completely smooth.

Then pour into popsicle mold and freeze them for 4 hours.
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