Spinache Ardichoke Dip

Introduction: Spinache Ardichoke Dip

This is one of my favorite appetizers at restaurants and I am so glad I know a recipe for it and I cant wait to share it

Step 1:


Chopped Spinach (10 oz)
Cream cheese (8oz)
Bagel crisp (or tortilla chips)
Artichoke hearts (chopped not quartered)
Mayonnaise (¼ cup)
Grated Parmesan Cheese (1/3 cup)
Sour cream (¼ cup)
Butter(1 tbss)
Italian seasoning (¼ tsp)
Red pepper flakes (¼ tsp)
Salt (¼ tsp)
Garlic powder (¼ tsp)

This makes a lot

Step 2: Cooking Time

now this is a short recipe

first you need to boil the spinach and ardichoke in about a cup of water

while that boils heat up cream cheese for one minuet in the microwave then mix the rest with the cream chese except the italian seasoning and red pepper.

when done boiling drain water and mix all together

Step 3: Final

after mixing all add red pepper sesoning mix together then italian seasoning seprate and you are done

like i said not that long

*note that this is warm spinach ardichoke dip

thank you for viewing and once again good luck for the snack food contest and makers mom contest

i would also like to thank my mom for most of the preperation while i documented

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    6 years ago

    so would you just chill it in the freezer if you didn't want it warm...?