Introduction: Spinning FFFFFIIIRREEEEEE

This is my spinning fire steps!!!

Step 1: MaTeRIalS!!

The materials you will need to make this projects is:


-copper wire

-battery (1.5)

-2 circular magnets

Step 2: Setting Up Your Magnets

Put both of the magnets on the negative side to where they are attracted to the magnet

Step 3: Putting on Your Copper Wire

Adjust the wire so it kinda looks like a heart. The wire should go all the way around and touch the magnets on either side. Bend the wire slightly as shown in the picture.

Step 4: IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!

Keep tweaking it until you find it spinning!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    That looks super fun! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the Instructables community!