Introduction: Splizzas: Split Pea Flour Pizzas!

Make it vegetarian or with meat, your choice! What I love about my 'splizzas' is they're ready in 15 mins and the taste is deliciously simple with a protein punch by that split pea base. Sometimes I put tomato paste as the first layer, but hummus tastes great as well! Top with your favourite veggies and put it in the oven. So YUM!

Step 1: Mix Split Pea Flour Batter

There are some great chickpea flour pizza recipes on Google and I it was on one of these sites that I found mine and tweaked it a bit. The first step is similar to making 'socca', which is a regional bread of Nice, France.

Depending on how many splizzas you'd like to make, start with 1 Cup of Split Pea Flour and add water to make a thick paste that's the same consistency of pancake mix.

Check out a great socca recipe here:

Step 2: Thick & Runny

Add enough water that the mix is thick and runny, like pancake mix.

Step 3: Cook on Hot Plate

So it wont' stick and burn, use a small amount of oil to prepare the surface of a hot plate. Pour this mixture out to t here and use a spoon if necessary to spread the mix until it is'a wide, flat round. Watch bubbles as indicator to cooking, and flip to the other side when ready.

Step 4: Prepared Crust

This cooked round will be the crust of your pizza. This crust as is can be eaten immediately with toppings, but I prefer to take it just a step further.

Step 5: What's Your Favourite Toppings?

To your heart's content, layer on the toppings onto your prepared crust. Use a base of tomato sauce or hummus, a pesto would be nice or even vegan cheese. Liberally top with cut vegetables, or if you're a meateater, with chunks of chicken/

Step 6: Almost Ready ...

If you'd like a more 'raw' finish, you can eat your pizza just like this. However, if you'd like a bit more crunch to your bite, add some cheese on top and ...

Step 7: Bake Till Melted

Bake for 10-15mins or until cheese melts on top. For a vegetarian pizza, watch for brown edges and juicy roasted vegetables.

Step 8: Splizza Time!

Take these splizzas anywhere! As a protein-packed snack on an outing or hiking trip, a healthy alternative to your child's pizza craving. The taste is delightfully unique and the final splizza will depend on your toppings.

I do hope you'll try this Instructables asap and let me know in the comments how easy or difficult it was to follow. Blessings!

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