Introduction: Spoilboard Pattern

How to resurface, and add a grid pattern to your spoilboard.

Step 1: Resurfacing

Add some paint or lacquer, so that you can verify that material has been removed from the entire surface.

Do not run this without a dustshoe ! It is very very dusty,... I learned.

Step 2: Engrave Pattern

Step 3: Paint Pattern

Step 4: Sanding

Step 5: Customize

To create your own grid:

1) download the .txt file, rename it to .scad and open it in OpenScad

2) Enter the size you want, and line thickness.

3) Press F6 and export as .dxf

4) Open in f-engrave and set the height to the same value as in OpenScad

5) Export gcode and engrave

Note: f-engrave is not super happy about a square grid, so you can divide it in three files for vertical, horizontal and circles.