Introduction: Spooky Double Pumpkin Eyeball

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If you're anything like me, any attempt to fully carve a pumpkin looks like the same effort as when you tried to carve one at age 8. This is where this double pumpkin craft comes in to save the day. All you need to make it is a big warty pumpkin, a smaller white pumpkin, and some acrylic paint. This is a great pumpkin Instructable for all ages! :)

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

  • 1 medium/large warty pumpkin
  • marker
  • pumpkin carving knife
  • pumpkin scraper
  • 1 small white pumpkin
  • measure tape
  • acrylic paints (blue, teal, gold, black, white)
  • paintbrushes
  • mini towel or paper towels
  • cheap red lipliner


When choosing your pumpkins, make sure your white one is smaller than the orange one so it fits inside nicely. I used a cheap red Wet n Wild lipliner to draw in the eyeball veins because it slides on smoothly on the pumpkin surface, but stays on nicely.

Step 2: Make the Lid

Draw a circle on top of the orange pumpkin that's a bit bigger than your small white pumpkin.

Cut out the circle at a bit of an angle.

Remove the lid and set aside.

Step 3: Empty the Pumpkin

Begin cutting out the flesh of the pumpkin.

Scoop out the seeds and flesh and place in a bowl. Reserve for another use.

Place the white pumpkin inside, on its side, to make sure it fits. Remove.

Step 4: Cut Out the Eye

Measure the little pumpkin while it's on its side, then mark that width on the front of the big pumpkin.

Draw a large eye shape on the pumpkin, using the endpoints you just drew as the corners of the eye. Make sure this eye outline is not bigger than the little white pumpkin.

Cut out the eye and push it out from the inside.

Trim out some of the flesh around the eye opening.

Step 5: Paint on Eyeball Details

Place the little pumpkin back inside on its side with the smooth rounded side facing the eye opening. Draw a circle around the middle. This will be the pupil to the eyeball. Make sure it's almost touching the top and bottom of the eye.

Remove the little pumpkin. Paint the circle you just drew blue. This is your eye's iris.

Add some lines of light blue from the center going outward, then do the same with some gold paint.

Now draw a smaller black circle in the middle. This is the pupil. Let dry completely.

Step 6: Insert the Eyeball

Place the little pumpkin back inside and press flush up against the eye opening.

Place a mini towel or some crumpled paper towels behind the little pumpkin so it stays in place. Put the lid back on.

Step 7: Add the Final Details

Draw some red veins in the corners of the eyeball using the red lipliner.

To make some eyeball reflections, paint on 2 little white dots between the pupil and iris using the back of your paintbrush.

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