Introduction: Spooky Halloween Pallet Fence

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I am building this fence as an element of my yard decorations this year. It is designed to be cheap but still look good. If you can find free pallets, this will cost you the price of screws.

You'll need:

  • pallets (amount will vary by how many sections you build)
  • screws (or any attaching method)
  • sawzall (optional)
  • screw gun (optional)

Step 1: Break Down the Pallets

I've seen lots of ways that people have to break down pallets. I cut the nails off between the boards using a sawzall. I do it that way to minimize nails hanging out. Both ends of the nail usually remain embedded in the pallet wood.

Step 2: Build the Basic Frame by Attaching Slats to the Long Boards.

I attached the slats to the long boards alternating the seams of the long boards to add support. Each seam meets at a slat. I put in the slats at the seams and the ends to get the basic frame for support.

Step 3: Fill in the Fence With the Remaining Wood

Finally, fill in the space between the supports with the remaining wood. I wanted mine to have the appearance that it was thrown together from scraps. Finding the middle ground between spooky fence and slopped together boards is tricky. Use near to even spacing to make it read as a fence, but avoid too much pattern and uniformity. Vary the type, color, and tilt of the boards randomly.

Step 4: Set Up and Add Lighting

As my fence is a temporary Halloween decoration, I will attach the sections to each other and add some temporary stakes for support. The end sections will be angled to create a small enclosure and provide most of the stability and support. If you expect your fence to touched by passersby, make sure all the nails are buried or removed and the supports will survive a good shaking.

Add lighting to really make your spooky fence pop and cast those cool creepy shadows.

Happy Halloween!