Introduction: Spooky LED Halloween Sign

Ghouls, goblins and witches gather, enjoy this spooky treat that is sure to last forever after.

Pay homage to your dear departed ancestors, or perhaps the monsterly in-laws, with a portrait that has glowing red eyes.

Step 1: Tools & Supplies


  • Scissors
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Soldering Iron
  • Lighter
  • Gluestick


Step 2: Painting the Picture Frame

If you plan on buying a picture frame and using it as is you can gloss over this step.

I bought a cheap picture frame at goodwill for $1 and used paint I already had around the house.

  1. Sand wood picture frame with 220 grit sandpaper.
  2. For the 1st coat of paint use the black milk paint and completely cover the surface.
  3. The 2nd and final coat will be the copper paint. Dip the bristle brush in the paint and wipe off as much excess paint onto a paper towel and then in long even strokes wipe the brush over the picture frame.

Step 3: Prep the Portrait

Choose your portrait. You can either go with a picture of a relative or just find an old portrait online that fits the creepy bill.

  1. Print portrait using any regular printer.
  2. Cut out a frame with the black cardstock paper.
  3. Glue the black paper to the portrait so all the white space is filled up.
  4. Measure the wood picture frame and cut out cardboard to fit inside.
  5. Glue the portrait to the cardboard.
  6. Using the x-acto knife cut small slits into the eyes of the portrait for the LEDs.
  7. Cut out a small slot in the back of the picture frame where the switch will be inserted.

Step 4: Assemble the Circuit

The last part is to simply assemble a closed circuit. A red 5mm LED needs a 3V power source so a 2032 coin battery will work. The LEDs need to be connected in parallel rather than in series so the forward voltage is 3V instead of 6V.

  1. Using a soldering iron connect the LEDs in parallel. (The longer leg on the LED is positive [+] and the shorter leg is negative [-].)
  2. Connect one end of the SPST switch to the positive side of the LEDs and the other end to the positive side of the battery holder.
  3. The negative side of the battery holder is connected to the negative side of the LEDs.
  4. Use the heat shrink tubing to cover any exposed wires.

Step 5: Decorate and Display

For some extra pizazz wrap fake cobwebs around the picture frame.

Now you're ready to entertain guests with your dreadfully delightful family portraits.

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