Introduction: Spooky Guest

About: Fuck pes.
This beautiful halloween decoration is smart,good looking and  easy to made. You can have it to 5. minutes... it's true. On the first sight it's looking realy will though ou gosh ! where is body !

Step 1: Materials

To create this halloween decoration you will need this: 1.Old jeans or trousers 2. some old boots 3.two big paper pipes or some wooden rods

Step 2: Making Legs

Now you have to insert the pipes into the jeans to make a legs. To each trouser-leg intromit one pipe.

Step 3: Stand Them Up

In this step you will take legs (pipes inside the jeans) and intromit them to the boots .

Step 4: Fix the Trousers

To avoid some vacant accident  simply push the jeans into the pipes. If this won't be enough you can use a rope or some cellotape.

Step 5: Placing Spooky Guest

Finaly you can place our "spooky guest " oustide your house. At the first sight looks realy like a man without a body just with legs. Now enjoy it and after halloween just remove it.
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