Introduction: Spraying Faucet Lifehack

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Your faucet is spraying the water all over your bathroom or kitchen ? These lifehack will help you out....and all you need is only a (nail) brush.

Here is the YOUTUBE Video : Spraying Faucet Lifehack

Many faucet repair projects are time consuming, frustrating and require several trips to the home improvement store. In many instances, you can quickly fix a faucet that’s spraying water from the faucet mouth by replacing the aerator — located at the tip of the faucet mouth. When water is forced through the screen in the aerator, it is diffused into thousands of small droplets. This creates a steady, even stream of water. The aerator also slows the flow of water — saving it in the process — while maintaining an adequate, full stream of water.

Step 1: Problem:

Your faucet is spraying water all over your room.....

Step 2: Solution:

Before you remove your perlator, take a brush...and use it like you can see in my video....

Step 3: Result

You saved a lot of time (and maybe money for a plumber??) and your faucet doesn't spray anymore.

Have a nice day :-)

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