Introduction: Spread the Love!

My family decided to have a "scavenger hunt" of sorts around our neighborhood. With COVID 19, we've been encouraged to socially distance and get outdoors, so we thought it would be nice to provide some entertainment for kids and adults alike when they get outdoors during the pandemic!


  • Colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • String

Step 1: Make Beautiful Hearts!

Using your scissors, cut large heart shapes out of colored paper. Enlist the help of your family if you want!

Step 2: Gather Your Paper Hearts, Punch Holes, and Place String Through

Since tape doesn't stick well in the outdoors, punching holes in the hearts and stringing them up is a good option to assure the hearts stay put outside!

Step 3: String the Hearts Around the Neighborhood!

This step is so much fun! Gather your family and go for a walk with your hearts and string! Hang the hearts throughout the neighborhood!

*Make sure you've asked for permission from the neighbors to hang hearts on their trees, mailboxes, or other places in their yard!

Step 4: Let the Fun Begin (continue)!

The last step is your choice! You may:

  • post on social media to let your neighbors know about the hearts in the neighborhood
  • watch out your window and see the surprised smiles of kids and adults
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