Introduction: Spring Role ( Easy )

Hi I am Shravani . This time I will be make a crunchy and delicious spring role . It is going to be yummy and easy to make it . This recipe will crunch you up and it would be a better to eat it in spring cause its spring roll . don't mind if I tell you I am 10 years old only . Tidy your kitchen and lets start of .


You will need :


Corn Flour



Schezwan Sauce


Spring roll sheets



Left over gravy / curry

Tomato ketchup

Step 1: Heat the Oil

First we need heat the oil to fry the spring rolls . To do that put the Kadai on the gas and put some oil in it to let it heat up .

Step 2: Tasty Part

Till the oil is being heated lets do the filling . For the filling , I would like to take a thick curry / gravy and take few veggies like carrot , Beans , corn etc and chop them in to small pieces .Then I would take the thick curry / gravy and put the chopped vegetables in it and mix it .

Step 3: Sticky Part

While making the roll it needs to stick and this sticky mixture would help you . To do this take some corn flour in a bowl and put some water in it . Mix it to make it thick .

Step 4: Make It

Now take one spring roll sheet and put some veggie mixture on it . Then take a point of the sticky mixture and put it at the end of the sheet like a glue . Now roll it and after rolling it press on the both ends to make sure the veggie mixture doesn't come but stay close to each others .

Step 5: FRY IT

Till now the oil must be heated well , so lets put the spring roll in the kadai and fry it . Fry till it turns to a golden-brown colour .

Step 6: SERVE IT

YEY , we are done . To add some taste , eat it with tomato ketchup , even schezewan sauce .