Introduction: Pringles Flower Pot

Hi I am Shravani . Today I will show you how to make a PRINGLES FLOWER POT . It is a type of show piece which can attract people . All you need is :a empty pringles box , scissors , colour papers ( any colours ) , markers and sketch pens and glue

Step 1: Take Your Pringles Box

First take the pringles box and cut 5 cm from the top with the help of the scissors .

Step 2: Cover It

Cover the pringles box with any colour paper you like and use some glue to stick it of course . Before covering the box you can decorate or design the paper with marker and sketch pens .

Step 3: Make the Flower Sticks/stems

Now you are done with the pot . Its time to make the flowers . To start the flower we need to make the sticks/stems . To do that , take a green colour paper and roll it into a stick/stem and stick the paper with glue after rolling it into a stick/stem . Make as many as you want but make sure they fit . Make a leaf and stick it to them .

Step 4: Flower Time

Now lets make the flowers . Take any kind of colour paper . Make the paper half horizontally and cut it with scissors . Take one part of it and fold it into half . Take the folded side and cut it into strips not full but till the half folded paper . Roll the paper you cut on the stem and make it into a flower .

Step 5: You Are DONE

Now put the flowers in the pot and VALA YOU ARE DONE