Introduction: Spring Time Push Mower Maintenance

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In order to keep your mower in peak condition, it must be maintained. This guide covers maintenance for bringing your mower back into action after winter storage.

-7/16" Wrench or Socket
-Flat head screw driver
-3/8" ratchet
-adjustable wrench
-9/19" Wrench or Socket
-Grinder or file

-30W oil
-Parts solvent
-Soapy water
-Possibly a filter and spark plug.

Step 1: Sprag Clutch

The first thing you should do is to lube the sprag clutch(starter clutch). To do this simply remove the pull cord(do not disassemble pull cord, three 1/4" bolts secure it) and drop one or two drips of oil onto the top so it'll suck into the little hole. If it doesn't have a hole, just run it until it squeals(Sprag rebuild Instructables coming soon).

Step 2: Air Filter

The air filter is held on with a single flat headed screw. Unscrew this and remove the cover. Pull the piece of plastic out. Pull the air filter out. Squeeze it in your hand. If it starts ripping and breaking, it need replaced. If not, wash it with warm soapy water. Let it dry completely. Lightly oil the filter just until it starts to leave oil on your hand. Too much oil will collect dirt. Install the new or newly cleaned filter.

Step 3: Spark Plug

Remove the spark plug. Check the center post for signs of wear. Should be flat on top and perfectly round. If the rod is good the gap should still be acceptable. Check the little nipple for corrosion. Either clean the fowling of with solvent and a wire brush or replace. Check the connector for corrosion and ensure it snaps to the plug.

Step 4: The First Start

If you drained your gas for the winter, fill it up. If not, too it of with some fresh gas and some fuel treatment. Check the oil. Prime the fuel system and fire it up. Let the mower run until the engine is warm.

Step 5: Oil Change.

While the engine is warm, prop up the mower and loosen the drain plug. mine was a 3/8" square female plug. place a pan under it, pull the plug and set the mower on the pan. Let it drain then put the plug back in nice and snug, put the mower on the ground and fill it back up with fresh 30W. Start the mower again. Check the oil after about 5 minutes. Top of if necessary.

Step 6: Blade

Prop the mower up again and remove the blade. Sharpen the blade with a grinder or file. reinstall being sure to line everything up. Done.