Springtime Carrot Ornament (from Paper Scraps)

Introduction: Springtime Carrot Ornament (from Paper Scraps)

This is one of the Spring/Easter ornaments I made, to make it feel less like winter around here!

Just like the rest of the ornaments, I didn't make sure the carrot was sized appropriately while I made it, resulting in my having to cram it into a delicate glass bulb!

Materials used:
Glass Ornaments (found at most craft stores)
Plain paper scraps (from our recycling bin)
Yarn scraps (from my Easter Grass)

1. Fold and wrap your scrap paper to vaguely resemble a cone shape. I basically rolled it and smushed it into shape, then used tape to secure it in place. 

2. Start wrapping the orange yarn around your paper carrot "base" - you can see that I wrapped it lengthwise a few times before I started to wrap it around the carrot. Once the paper was completely covered, I tucked the loose end into one of the secured yarn strands. 

3. I added the contours of the carrot by wrapping the yarn a few times a little tighter in places, then tucked it out of sight to secure it. 

4. To make the fronds for the top of the carrot, I used scraps of the Easter grass I made, taking several shades of green and tying it off towards one end in a strong knot. Then I cut the yarn off right behind the knot, leaving me with a cute carrot top!

5. Using a toothpick, I shoved the knot of the fronds down under the yarn and into the paper base, at the wide top of the carrot. This holds it in place! 

6.  I then had to shove this adorable paper/yarn carrot into a glass ornament that did not have a wide enough opening, because I was so excited about making a tiny paper and yarn carrot that I did not compare the sizes!

This is one of 5 ornaments I made for Spring!

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