Introduction: Sprinkler Chicken Fence

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This is actually my sister's idea I actually don't know much about but she somehow tricked me into making it :) This is her word for word intro

"we live in the country and we have chickens and I always want to let them out so they can enjoy fresh grass and bugs. But a few years ago we got a cat and they haven't been safe out of their cage ever since so I thought that since our cat doesn't like water I thought that if we hooked a bunch of sprinklers together it would make 'fence' so I put my extremely excellent brother who is awesome to the task" Okay maybe it isn't word for word :)

Step 1: Things Needed

    1. Three Elbows
    2. T Connector
    3. 3/4 Adapter
    4. Female hose coupling
    5. 3/4 Coupling
    6. Six 10' 3/4 inch CPVC Pipe
    Tools and Other Stuff
      1. Pipe Cutter
      2. Spigot with Hose
      3. Drill
      4. Small drill bit
      5. Chickens (obviously)

      Step 2: Drilling and Arranging

      I drilled the holes for water about an 0.5 inches apart with a kinda medium size drill bit but that didn't seem to work as that depleted the water pressure from the hose. so I drilled the holes 0.75 inches apart and used a smaller drill bit. I drilled 4 sets of 8 ft CPVC pipes and connected two of them with a coupling and then connected the two other pipes with an elbow. TO connect the hose I added a hose thread to a coupling then to a 3/4 in to 1/4 inch CPVC adapter.

      Step 3: Improvements

      After I had seen that it worked I decided to make some improvements namely improving the height of the water at the end of the piping. To solve the problem I added another piece of undrilled CPVC to finish the rectangle so that the water would be the same height at the start as it is at the end.

      Step 4: Pictures!!

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