Introduction: Sprite Bottle Lamp

I Just thoought and created another idea for recycling bottles specificly sprite bottles.

This project involves led Blacklights and Tide laundry detergent which glows blue under uv Which make ur clothes glow in sunlight making them look nice.

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Step 1: Materials

For this you'll need
1 1 liter sprite bottle ( it has to be sprite)
1/4 cup of tide detergeant
2 UV type A leds
a nine volt
and a 550Ohm resistor

Step 2: The Cap

Take the cap off the bottle and drill 2 holes the size of your leds and use super glue to glue them in place. Then solder the two leds in series and add the resistor.

Step 3: The Liquid

Add 1/4 of tide detergeant to the Bottle then fill the rest with tap water. Let the foam die down.

Step 4: Make It Work

screw the cap back on and use the nine volt to power the LEDS.

Step 5: Whats So Special?

Well sprite bottles are green and the bleach glows blue which creates a nice gradient of color between the too since the water is murky the light dies down.
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