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As summer is fast approaching I suppose many of you ladies must be thinking of revamping your wardrobes. While that might seem like an expensive affair, here is one item that will not weigh too heavily on your wallets and still look chic. It is versatile - as the granny squares I love so much and have used for the band - since it can be worn simply as a top or under light summer shirts, over a skirt at the beach, or under a sari like a blouse. And if you add another row of granny squares below the first it will turn into a tank top!

This worldwide quarantine has got us all stuck in our homes, but if we can all use this time being creative and productive together I think the world would be a much better place once the sun comes out. So I hope you like this pattern, and will enjoy making a bikini top as much as I did! Good luck and don't forget to share pictures if you do make one!

Step 1: Materials


  • 2.5mm crochet hook
  • tapestry needle


I used mercerized knitting cotton and a mercerized crochet cotton. The latter is a much lighter yarn but I trebled it to make it the right bulkiness (refer to video). Trebling is quite a handy technique for those times when one doesn't have yarn that is thick enough for a project.

  • Colour A - light green
  • Colour B - dark green

Other Tools:

  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape


  • Beads of choice

Step 2: Abbreviations and Special Stitches

The following stitches refer to US terms.

ch - chain

ss - slip stitch

sc - single crochet

hdc - half double crochet

dc - double crochet

dcxtog - x number of double crochet together

xdc - x number of double crochet in the same stitch

dcx - double crochet in each of the next x number of stitches

Step 3: Cups

Note that the last row of each of the cup altered slightly so that they are symmetrical.


Row 1: (Colour A) ch20, turn.

Row 2: dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc16, 5dc in last chain, dc 18 back (on the back of the dc row as in the image), ch2, turn.

Row 3: dc into 2nd stitch, dc18, 5dc, dc19, ch2, turn.

Row 4: dc into 2nd stitch, dc20, 5dc, dc21, ch2, turn.

Row 5: dc into 2nd stitch, dc22, 5dc, dc23, ch2, turn.

Row 6: dc into 2nd stitch, dc24, 5dc, dc25, ch2, turn.

Row 7: dc into 2nd stitch, dc26, 5dc, dc27, ch2, turn.

Row 8: (Colour B) dc into 2nd stitch, dc28, 5dc, dc29, ch2, turn.

Row 9: (Colour A) dc into 2nd stitch, dc30, 5dc, dc31, ch1, turn.

Row 10: [sc1, 1sc ch3 1sc in next stitch] repeat 14 times in total, sc1, 2dc, ch80 (or till the string measures around 14"), (Colour B) sc1 back in each ch, dc1 in same stitch as last dc (as in the image), dc1, [sc1, 1sc ch3 1sc in the next stitch] repeat 14 times in total, cast off.

Optional: You can add beads of your choice in the tail of the string as I have done.


Same as right except swap the colours in Row 10, start with Colour B instead of A.

Step 4: Flower Band

The band is made up of 8 granny squares. And note that the two granny squares on the edges have a slightly altered Row 5 and an extra row for string holes.


Row 1: (Colour B)ch1 on magic loop, sc8, ss to 1st sc. (8)

Row 2: ch1, [sc1, ch3, sc1] around, ss to 1st sc. (8, 8 ch3 spaces)

Row 3: (Colour A) ch3, dc3tog, ch5, [dc4tog, ch5] around, ss to1st dc. (8 dc3tog, 8ch5 spaces)

Row 4: ch3, 3dc in ch5 space, [5sc in next ch5 space, 4dc ch3 4dc in next space] around, ss to 1st dc. (52, 4 ch3 spaces)

Row 5: ch1, [sc13, 2sc ch2 2sc in ch3 space] around, ss to 1st sc. (68, 4 ch2 spaces)

Only for edge squares

Row 5: ch1, [sc13, 2sc ch2 2sc in ch3 space] repeat 3 times total, sc5, ch3, skip 3 and sc5, 2sc ch2 2sc, ch1, turn. (65, 1 ch3 space, 4 ch2 spaces)

Row 6: ss1, 2sc in ch2 space, sc5, sc3 in ch3 space, sc5, 2sc in ch2 space, cast off. (14)

Back Drawstring

ch180 or till the string measures 30". Add beads of choice on the tails.

Step 5: Assembling

Weave in all the ends and start by sewing the squares together with a tapestry needle, keeping the edge squares with their extra edges facing outward as in the image.

Cast on a standing hdc on the bottom edge of the band, hdc1 in each stitch till the end.

Sew together the cups and the band keeping the center. hdc in each stitch on the top of the band till the cup cast off, and repeat the same on the other side starting from the cup. Weave in the ends.

Criss-cross lace the drawstring on the back of the bikini top as in the image, and finally your bikini is ready for your wardrobe!

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