Introduction: Squeaky Rubber Soles in Tennis Shoes

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Squeaky rubber soles in tennis shoes

A quick shout-out to the guy who posted a squeak fix using oil and a injectable needle. I gave it a try but did not work for me. However his solution inspired an alternate solution.

#1 First you need a drill and a WD 40 nozzle tipped can

#2 Drill in the in-step; 3 holes about an inch apart.

#3 Insert tube and do a quick spray in each hole.

#4 Repeat same on opposite side.

#5 Walk around the house; then go back and repeat 2,3,4

#6 Worked like a charm. No more annoying squeaking.

NOTE: I believe this type of squeaking is caused by washing your tennis shoes or exposure to deep water, when a small amount of moisture gets trapped between the parts of your shoe and sole that are molded together. A little WD 40 does the trick!