Introduction: Stacked Transparencies Code

Greetings Treasure Hunters!!

This is another in the series of tool that I use to create treasure hunts. This is a means of breaking up a line of text by printing on a clear transparency in sections. Looking at the pictures you can see the line of text is broken up into section so that no two sections will give away the full code. If you stack the sections on top of each other then bit by bit the code is reveled. By the third you have a pretty good idea of what is being said but the fifth piece, the one with the numbers is saved for last. That section is given to the treasure hunters last to decode another number code. More on that later.

To do this you will need:

- a pack of printable transparencies. I bought the Apollo brand as they can go through a laser printer or a copy machine. DO NOT USE THEM IN AN INK JET PRINTER!!! It will cause a mess like you have never seen.

- MS paint program or whatever the Mac equivalent is.

- a laser printer or a inkjet printer and then a copy machine to transferr the image to the transparancy

- a devious mind that requires a bit of text to be hidden

How to do it:

First open your paint program and create a line of text. The larger the better. Super small print is hard enough to see when it is complete let alone having to zoom in to work on it. Once you have your text, make one more copy than the number of codes pieces that you want to make.

Then with the eraser tool, selectively remove letters from the first line enough only leave one letter for each word.

Then on the second line do the same thing but with different letters, Leave one letter at the start of the line and one letter at the end of the line the same. This will be used to line up the transparencies when you stack them one on each other

Same with the third.

On the fourth deliver all of the remaining letters as well as the first and last alignment letters

On the fifth add the numbers.

As you will notice with this sentence all the letters of the alphabet are used at least once. The numbers will allow a number to correspond to a letter. Then a number code can be translated with the stacked code.

Use this to create the next clue for your treasure hunt


A Machine Tech