Introduction: Stainless Finish Firewood Stand

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This is a quick and easy pipe stand to hold firewood that I made in about half an hour. All I did was cut the pipe and bolt a few fittings together.

I have a small business making desks and more out of lean pipe, so I make a bunch of random things for around the house with it. With lean pipe you can take it apart and build it into other things. These pipes were actually from a bar cart design that I didn't like so I disassembled it and turned it into a laptop stand and this firewood stand. 'Tis the season and all! Except that it's been like 70 degrees this week so I haven't needed to use any firewood.

Step 1: The Parts

Parts list:

4 x 9" pipes

6 x 23" pipes

4 x V-joints

4 x L-joints

4 x foot caps


A hacksaw will cut the poles, the only tool you need to assemble it is a 5mm hex key to fasten the bolts on the joints.

All parts are from

You can make it whatever dimensions you like, I chose this size because it holds enough wood for around 3 or 4 average fires.

Step 2: Slide the Foot Caps on the Upright Pipes, and Assemble the L-joints

The foot caps just push right onto the pipes, pick four of the 23" pipes to use as the upright legs and put the foot caps on them.

Then start assembling the L-joints with their 25mm M6 bolts/nuts - leave them loose at first so you can slide them on the poles.

Step 3: Put the L-joints on the Legs and Put the Frame Together

Slide the L-joints down the legs until they rest on the foot caps, then put the frame together as shown - with two 9" pipes and two 23" poles forming the bottom. Make sure the pipes are in the joints all the way, and tighten them with the hex wrench. Make sure they're nice and snug.

Step 4: Put the V-joints Together and Put the Top Pipes On

Attach the halves of v-joints together for all 4 of the joints, fasten the 9-inch pipes to the frame with the v-joints and tighten them with the hex wrench.

Step 5: Stack Your Wood on the Rack!

That's all there is to it, you can make it whatever size you want just by cutting the pipes. That's the benefit to using "lean pipe" over plumbing pipe, you don't have to solder or thread it.

Also, I use this rack to keep wood for my outdoor fire dish. It's not shown because it's ugly. I posed it next to my gas stove just for looks - you probably shouldn't keep your wood right next to your stove like that.

Hope you liked this 'ible! Have a great holiday!