Introduction: Standing Desk/Shelving

This is a beautiful, sturdy, easy to make, custom standing desk that can be used as a table or shelving among other things.


You will need:

2 Pieces of Wood: 4' x 11 1/2"

4 Galvanized Steel Pipes: 40" length 1/2" in diameter

8 Flange Fittings: 1/2"

3 Metal Plates

1" Screws (about 40)

Wood Finish


Step 1: Purchase Materials

Materials are not exactly cheap but they are easily accessible at any hardware store. We went to Home Depot and bought all our supplies.

8 Flange Fittings

4 Galvanized Steel Pipes

2 Pieces of Pine Wood


Wood Finish

Step 2: Sand

Sand the wood until it is smooth as a babies bottom

Step 3: Paint on Wood Finish

Using Paint Brushes, paint the Wood Finish onto the wood (all sides)

Step 4: Stand to Dry

Let the Wood Finish sit for at least an hour. It will likely still feel wet after an hour but it will be dry enough to proceed to next step.

Step 5: Screw in Flange Fittings

Measure about 3.5" from end and 5.5" from the side of the Wooden Board.

Screw in Flange with 1 inch screws.

Repeat until there are four flanges screwed into the wood

Note: This is the bottom of the Desk, so choose the least pretty side

Step 6: Screw in Metal Plates

Line up the two boards exact

Screw in the Plates, starting on one end.

Screw in the far end.

Then, Screw in the middle.

Make sure to keep the boards aligned.

Step 7: Screw in the Galvanized Steel Legs

Screw in the Galvanized Steel Legs

Repeat until all four are screwed in

Step 8: Screw in the Flange Footings

Screw in the Flange Footings

Note: These can be adjusted to make sure your desk is level. Pretty cool, huh!

Step 9: Flip

Flip Desk.

and Voila

Step 10: Your Desk/Shelf Is Complete

Let Desk Dry

You are done!

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