Introduction: StaplerShield: Simple Face Shield Makeshift Made With Stapler, Transparent Paper and Elastic Band

Prusa Reseach development 3D printed face shields to helpprotecting medical staff from getting infected with Covid-19 (

The team open sourced design files and provides instructions for everyone. This should encourage the maker community to help fighting the covid19 crisis by providing makeshift equipment for medical and social workers.

However, after 3 weeks of printing, I started wondering if a simplified version could be made without a 3D printer. This might be useful particularly in regions with limited access to technical equipment.


3 pieces of transparent A4 paper,

1 piece of elastic band (approximately 64cm long). Alternatively 1 stripe of an old T-shirt.





DISCLAIMER: This version is not medically approved. The protection against infection is in no way guaranteed, the skin coverage is significantly lower compared to the Prusa design. It is intended as last resort and if no other options are available. I am not a medical worker nor do I have experience in this field.

Step 1: Check Your Own Hygiene Equipment

Wear a face mask, wash your hands, desinfect your tools.

Let the created mask rest for 3 days before deployment.

Prusa Research recommends to 'act so carefully like you would be infected', which I would like to recommend as well.

Step 2: Cut Sheet 1 Into Vertical Stripes

Step 3: Cut Sheet 2 Into Horizontal Stripes

Step 4: Round the Edges of Sheet 3

Step 5: Prepare Elastic Band

Step 6: Staple the Forehead Reinforcement to the Fabric

Step 7: Staple All Stripes to One Corner of the Front Shield

Align everything at one corner and along the long edge of the front shield. Then, staple it twice.

Step 8: Staple All Stripes to the Other Corner of the Front Shield

Step 9: Center the The Front Feinforcement Stripe, Swipe Towards the Left Corner, and Staple It Approximately 1. 5cm Before the Corner

as shown in the image

Step 10: Swipe Right From the Center of the Front Reinforcement Stripe, and Staple It Approximately 1.5cm Before the Corner.

Swipe right from the center of the front reinforcement stripe, and staple it approximately 1.5cm before the corner.

Done. The face shield is ready.

Step 11: Ready. Try It Out.