Introduction: Star Lamp From Easter Egg

Make  your own star lamp from Lindt easter egg and Energizer flash light

Step 1: What You Will Need

- Dremel rotary tool or smt similar, you can also use saw and normal drill, but you need very tiny drills 0.8-3.2 mm. 
-rechargeable flash light with xenon or krypton bulb 
- Lindt easter egg or similar product with steel shell
- pack of condoms (not necesary, but the result is so romantic that girls falling to bed amazed by this lamp and now i am father, just because I haven't all tools on that picture)

If you do it for children, just ignore last item.

Step 2: Disembowel a Flashlight!

Disasemble flashlight and remove intestines, to avoid their damage while you will the cutting flashlight body.

Step 3: Cut the Head of Snake!

Prepare your dremel cutting tool, or saw and cut flashlight exactly like on picture. You also can cut it less, to have option attach electronic intestines back by screws. But my previous version was done from a  coffee can, so i did it this way.

Step 4: Was Egg First, or Drill?

Remove candies from egg and prepare them for your success. After use your dremel cutting-drilling tool to make hole in size to tweak in intestines from flashlight. Also use your tiniest drill 0.8 mm to make stars holes. Should be very small holes, smallest are best because projection get bigger with distance from wall. Do holes randomly, you can also make constellations and don't do it on the bottom, to avoid stars on your face while you will sleep.

Step 5: Change a Heart

If you want, change krypton bulb for xenon, i got best result with it after many trials with different kinds of bulbs. After put together flashlight intestines and egg from inside out and add back shell of flashlight. You can also put back green power button, but contact was so bad that i leaved it like it is.

Step 6: Hang Him Up

Now let flashlight charging and prepare thread, hook and hang all on ceiling, after is charged, wait for night, prepare candies , call everybody, attach bottom of lamp and guess what? Yes, power it on and enjoy!

Ok also turn off a room light.

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