Introduction: Star Trek Book Ends

Hello again all!
Well I was in between model building and being bored.
So I got some scrap 2X4 and started ripping them into various thicknesses.
For the uprights I made about 3/4" thick and for the bases I left them alone . I put 20 degree angles on each end of the bases. I did that because the lettering was also at 20 degree.
I first made the insignias 3/16" thick , the 2 large ones as well as the 2 small ones.
As far as the lettering of "Star Trek" I copied them on to paper. I rubbed the back side of the paper with pencil. Then I flipped the paper back over and taped it down onto the wood and traced the lettering with a straight edge. Peeled of the paper and ta da , instant lettering.
I carefully cut them out with my vertical band saw And finished them with files & sandpaper. Then I notched out the base to accommodate the letting. Before putting it all together, I stained the base walnut. As far as "STAR TREK" goes I left it bare.
I gave everything 4 coats or urethane. Then I glued the lettering down equally spaced apart. Then put the uprights on the end with glue. And there you have it.
Thanks for looking.
-Jim G.G.

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