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Introduction: Start Desert Rose From Seeds

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Inspired by Maria from Maria's Garden, I made a miniature version of her bathtub method for starting desert rose from seeds. It's really easy to do with only a few supplies. If you'd love to experiment this, let's check it out with us.


Plastic tub

Pumice rock

Some sand

Adenium seeds

Plastic bottle

Step 1: Soak Seeds in Water

Before sowing the seeds, remember to soak them first in water. If your seeds are more fresh, then soaking for 2-4 hours can compensate for moisture loss over time. If the seeds are a bit older, then soaking for 24 hours will help soften up the shell & boost germination rate. Unlike some hard-shelled seeds, you don't need to file adenium seeds. Their shells are not too hard.

Step 2: Prep Your Mix

There are some good potting mix choices you can choose:

  • Soil: gives your seeds lots of good nutrients, but might be too much for their early stages
  • Sand: retains moisture & drains well, giving seeds a nice environment to start up
  • Perlite: keeps moisture & is sterile so harmful bacteria have less chance of attack

If you're doing this on a small scale, put a little bit of the potting mix into the container. Here I used 3 parts.

Step 3: Prep Our Mini Bathtub

Put in some pumice rock & give our tub some nice water. The purpose of this water tank is to moisturize our baby seeds during the first couple weeks growing up. You can replace the water every day if you see the rocks are dried up. I do it 2 times a day - morning & afternoon. It really helps the growth.

Step 4: Watch Them Grow a Little Bit Every Day

Here are two of my little experiment. On the 24th this month, they'll be a month old. I'm super excited. Trust me, watching your babies grow up nice & strong every day has never been more satisfying. That's basically all you need to do to start your own plants from seeds. Let me know if you have any questions about this. Happy growing!

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    1 year ago

    I've heard that using Keurig pods is a good way to start them and other desert-type plants. The coffee grounds are a bit acidy (which the plants like, and the bacteria don't) and drain well, and there is a drain hole already in the bottom. You don't have to buy a big bag of planting medium, either, to see if the seeds will germinate. Plus, their small size makes it convenient to start many plants in a small area, and you can just lift the whole plant out and plop it into a bigger pot when the time comes for a bigger home. I just bought some seeds on-line, and coincidentally saw a diy article about using the pods. Upon more research, I see that the coffee grounds are not a very good medium, so I will get a mixture of perlite and sand to replace it.


    Reply 1 year ago

    What variety did you get? From what I’ve read (but haven’t tried yet), you can also start the mini/dwarf varieties with the tissue paper Ziploc bag method for better germination rate. I haven’t played around with the coffee grounds, but sand worked the best out of 3 that I tried. Now that I am more confident with not getting it wrong again, I will try to sow some more when the weather is sunny. Ah and from my experiment coco fiber is not a very good starter as you can see in step 4. Slower growth & quite wrinkled leaves. (my blog)


    1 year ago

    Oh they're so cute! This is definitely one of the plants I'd like to grow at some point :)


    Reply 1 year ago

    Oh yeah, give these babies a try if you like it! They’re a type of succulent, very easy to take care of :)