Introduction: Start Your Projects Without Dying in the Attempt

About: Hi, yes, -I'm Bantman.

Let's make that project in your mind come true and happen itself so well as it deserves!

It is a website page, with its own app in the Apple/Android store, that you can develop your project and get in touch with other persons who are doing it too, trying to get closer and reach their achievements ; contribute and helping to find a solution on some problems or just questions to solve something important in their world. Basically is a tool, and a community as well; also I see each member, including myself, as workers.. in the R&D + action takers department! So.

Prepare yourself for, a great tool.

Step 1: Start.

First, you must decide with which feature you want to start your projectboard, your first own contribution to start your current project. I highly recommend the main and iconic feature whiteboard where you can do almost you want on it, I will show you letter; let's see what are those feature available to use as tool for you.


  • Text, it's just bring you to the description of the project, "Start your first post" it says; practically it's the default feature where of course you could add another attachment like photos, links or even a whiteboard alongside. Just remember please edit its title!
  • Photo, here you can attach an image of what represents or its your project about. It could be from your computer or via URL and if you don't have there is a browser to let you search for stock images courtesy by Pexel, making your process easier. (tip: the ".gif" works as well, they move!)
  • Whiteboard, where is one of my favorites: in here you can act like a detective, a teacher or a scientist all you need to do is use this tool as you could explaining what are you looking for or what you want, depending of your project. There is not limitations but you imagination to work on it. Just try to keep it in order and legible.
  • Link, well this attachment is more like sharing something, another link from anywhere in the social media, and it will be showed as a link like that, an image with hyperlink and a little description as caption.
  • File, is one of the best for those project that need to share a thing like documents or just a simple file; they could ve a ".txt" if it's coding, ".psd" of the most common: ".pdf", all those file that no exceeds 10 MB because is the maximum to upload by file. Actually you can attach the images as a file but they won't be showed up,you will see the file image's icon.

Once you show you first feature to start, you will be allowed to put it the Tittle, its description if you want and so like I've mentioned at first in the Text feature's description. It's up to ten (10) features that you could add per post/comment, let's see what's next.

Step 2: Title, Description & an Illustrative Attachment.

First you may to do is write the tittle of your projectboard, this will be next the link [URL] to get into it. I suggest to write a brief description about its meaning or an explanation that could let the Community know and understand all that.

Of course, you can start putting directly a whiteboard, link or a file.. even just text, as you want, but if there is something visual is such better. Actually you can change, upload and even remove the projectboard's "profile" photo after your projectboard being posted.

At anytime as you want to and not just once.

About the Type, it is very important to choose well because you can't change it letter, it's like a mark. Each option keeps your Projectboard as what it is: a projectboard but the difference between them are things to consider.

  1. ProjectBoard, as normal and default option: it tells other that it is hero to create.. share and work, this last is the most important, ideas together. Everyone could help, contribute and do along the owner and its team; instead, later, the member could become a Team member too.
  2. DiscussionBoard, with this option you tell others that you are "in troubles" too and you came for answers, discussions, ask questions and share conclusions, develop concepts and ideas preconceived together; there is the magic.

Once you decided it, there are just one couple of things (..yes, there are just two things more) to do! Let's continue.

Step 3: Finally, Post.

Or add something before do that! Then POST.

Once you finally post you projectboard, it's on! You just save it in the page. And if you have it as Community Mode it will be appear in the recent activity waiting for contributions and views.

That's it, so easy right.

But now, the next thing to do is more intuitive like take care of it.

You already know how to attach photos, links, even files! And what about whiteboard?, I've just wanted to leave the best for last:

Step 4: Whiteboard!

As I was telling at the beginning, I love to use this one, actually it's my first choice when I post a project, do a contribution or explanation; it helps to illustrate better and you can use it as you want to. A place to be free, freedom in just one screen and with many slots (you can have many whiteboards or mixed with other attachments, up to less than (10) ten, per post/contribution!

Let's introduce its features to you, all these have the option to Bring Front & Send back.

  • Move (view), helps a lot when you just want to see your elements, it doesn't touch anything but the screen; such confortable specially if you zoom in.
  • Select, as you know, it selects items and once you grab them it moves them as you demand. You're available to multi-select clicking while pressing SHIFT key or, less recommended, by keep clicked and moving your mouse.
  • Figures, there are five as you can read in the picture's notes above.
    1. Line, Arrow, you can change their width, colors and direction too.
    2. Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle. You can write text on it if you want to, and give it a color for the border and its Fill, or decide to put no fill color (transparent).
  • Text, its settings are: color, size, serif, align text, and black, italic and underline. All these settings will modify all the text on that text box!
  • Photo, you can add photos as normal, like a presentation and use it inside the whiteboard.
  • Draw, you can change its width, colors and rotate it too like an image/photo.
  • Erarse, you will delete (item) whatever you touch with!

Also there is Copy & Paste (CTRL +C/X, +V) and Undo & Rendo(CTRL +Z, +Y).

After using it, remember to click on Done to save your moves! Later, go below and click Save for your post/contribution!

Contributions can be: a comment, reply (it works as comment) and remixes (comments or new post, you decide). We'll see it more detailed right now..

Step 5: Update.

As last, you would like to go forward you project and contributions from others could help you next, also it's probably you must improve your own creations so, there is one thing more:

Besides new Post, Remix Post and Remix as comment; and of course Edit for a post/comment already published! There's also replies as I've commented before. So, what's the difference between them?

  • The difference is: Post is just like a new independent contribution taking place from an old one, and as Comment is inside the current Post, I mean, it becomes dependent creating a threadwhere you can do the same as the other ways. It gives order; believe me, it's quite great when you have a lot of contributions to read!
  • Reply feature is another way, that just use the default feature: text; because when you click on Remix as comment you will do as same if you Remix Post, but inside the current post!


The next should be Edit. But I know you will know how to do that haha, if not- just come back again to the first step. The time of voting passed out, but thanks anyways; it's grateful help others!

Step 6: Stand Up. and TAKE ACTION!

My first Projectboard; and profile on there.

Also, here is a Discussionboard as guide!

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