Start Your Fire With a Laser This Winter




Introduction: Start Your Fire With a Laser This Winter

in this instructable you'll learn how to light a fire with a laser!

You will need:

  1. Laser and the laser mod found here:

2. Match head

3. Blitz/ fire starters or a candle (then you'll need multiple match heads)

Step 1: Getting the Fuel Ready

Place the match head(s) on the fire starter of your choice

Step 2: Tips Before Trying to Burn

First try and find the laser mod's focal point. (where the beam is the smallest) my laser mod's focal point was about 3-5cm away from the laser

Make sure there isn't any wind or light drafts ( this may prevent you from lighting the match head and/or blow the lit match head out.

Always wear safety goggles

Step 3: Burning

focus the laser mod's beam on the match head ( the focal point, where the dot is the smallest)

Wait until the match starts smoking, the smoke should start to get thicker.

Within about 4 seconds of heavier white smoke the match head should light and start your fire starter thus starting your fire

Step 4: Be Careful

Fire can kill

Make sure any objects that are not meant to burn are far away

Only start fires outside or in a fire place with a fire extinguisher near by

I will not be held liabile for any damages or loss sustained during the build and/or operation of the product everything you do with the product is entirely at your own risk!

Have fun and please send me the pics of you starting a fire with a laser

Please feel free to comment and give me advice for future instructbles

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This looks fun and dangerous. Be careful out there, kids.