Introduction: Start/Stop, Lock/Unlock My Car From My Phone! DECOMMISSIONED

I finally got my dream come true of controlling my car via my phone! I can Start/Stop plus Lock/Unlock. All this made possible via the Viper Bluetooth module with a major DIY twist. This can work for older viper remote start alarms. A compatible viper alarm would make this installation easier.

This instructable is actually part 2 of this phone car remote program. Part 1 is here:

This project may not be practical for you since my car is always in valet mode and this insertion of a Bluetooth module into the existing viper 791xv requires just that. It forces the locks to actuate plus it sends a pulse to remote start/stop.

Read on for what I did.

Step 1: Wiring the 12V Relay Card.

I prefer soldered connections where practical. I ganged two relays for lock and another 2 for unlock. This was necessary to provide the both polarities 12volt power to the car lock wires. Basically two wires back to the Viper 791xv, two wires to the driver side door locking system. I labelled each pair as L for car lock and V for viper 791xv. This arrangement ensures that should the Bluetooth module fail, I can easily resort to my old remote to control the car.

The remote start is just a normally open contact that sends a 0V signal to a wire on the Viper 791xv to start/stop the engine. The trunk release I wired to the last relay as a future upgrade project.

If the relay card you use has a power on led, please remove it. I used a tweezer to get the smd led off the board. It will waste valuable power from the car battery.

Step 2: Wiring Into the Car.

This part involved taking off the driver side lower dash cover. I secured the relay card to a wire harness and used duct tape for electrical protection.

Power I sourced from the Viper 791xv red 12V wire and 0V was at a chassis bolt.

The lock/unlock wires I put into the screw terminals as per the labels I made on them.

The remote start/stop was the easiest to tie into. That's the white with blue stripe wire.

I mounted the Viper Smart Start Bluetooth module on the driver side pillar with double sided tape and silicone.

Step 3: Using the App and Enjoyment.

The Smart Start app is free on android play store. Once it is paired with the module it will work. The only issue is if the car is out of range and I walk back into range, I may need to restart the phone to make the Bluetooth icon appear in the app (meaning connection).

Using my phone as a car remote is really convenient plus I can always return to the old remote (but why?). The range is limited to around 40 feet line of sight since the module is a low power Bluetooth transceiver. However the app gives feedback for any command received by the car which I think is very good.

So, to sum up:

- One less remote to carry.

- The cool factor of using my phone to control the car. Folks around me going like WHAT DE HELL.

- Its so damn awesome!

- The phone can be biometric or pin protected.

- A lost phone means using a replacement phone (low end or not) to act as a replacement remote!

Try it, it is worth a shot!