Stash Box

Introduction: Stash Box

The stash box is a little safe for any item you need to hide. The box has a sliding lid that that can only be opened by being pushed by a paperclip. Since the box is small, it is very easy to hide and is also easy to bring with you.


4 1/2in x 3ft x1/4in wood

Wood Glue

Any color paint

Step 1: Design

After brainstorming, you will need to design the box and draw it all out.

Step 2: Draw and Cut

Next, you are going to want to draw where you will cut on the wood and proceed to cut.

Step 3: Glue

The next step you will glue the walls and bottom piece together.

Step 4: Glue

For this step, you will glue the railing that allows the lid to slide.

Step 5: Sanding

For this next step, you will be cleaning up the stash box by sanding till smooth.

Step 6: Painting

Next you will be painting the box to make it more special to you. I chose black but any color works.

Step 7: Drill

You will need to make a way to open this box. Since we don't want other people to get into your stash box, you will drill a hole about the size of a paperclip at the same height as the lid. This makes it so that the lid can only be opened by being pushed by the paperclip.

Step 8: Paint (optional)

Now that your stash box is complete, you can add another layer of paint!

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    Question 3 days ago

    I like the simplistic idea/design of your stash box. I was hoping you'd be able to provide me with the dimensions/measurements of each piece of wood making up the box (left and right side pieces, back side piece, bottom, front, and lid). Also, if there's any way to provide any images of functionality that would be much appreciated. Thank you