Introduction: Stash Box

The stash box is a little safe for any item you need to hide. The box has a sliding lid that that can only be opened by being pushed by a paperclip. Since the box is small, it is very easy to hide and is also easy to bring with you.


4 1/2in x 3ft x1/4in wood

Wood Glue

Any color paint

Step 1: Design

After brainstorming, you will need to design the box and draw it all out.

Step 2: Draw and Cut

Next, you are going to want to draw where you will cut on the wood and proceed to cut.

Step 3: Glue

The next step you will glue the walls and bottom piece together.

Step 4: Glue

For this step, you will glue the railing that allows the lid to slide.

Step 5: Sanding

For this next step, you will be cleaning up the stash box by sanding till smooth.

Step 6: Painting

Next you will be painting the box to make it more special to you. I chose black but any color works.

Step 7: Drill

You will need to make a way to open this box. Since we don't want other people to get into your stash box, you will drill a hole about the size of a paperclip at the same height as the lid. This makes it so that the lid can only be opened by being pushed by the paperclip.

Step 8: Paint (optional)

Now that your stash box is complete, you can add another layer of paint!