Stash Busting Cup Cozy

Introduction: Stash Busting Cup Cozy

A great way to use up your end-of-project leftovers, and keep your hot drink of choice cozy while you work on your next project!

Step 1: Assess Stash and Choose Yarns

Take a look at your skein ends and pick some colours that go well together. Advisable to choose comparable weights for consistent tension.

Step 2: Plan Your Pattern

The great thing about these cozies is you can get as creative as you like! Stockinette, garter, cable, brioche, colourwork, the possibilities are endless!

Step 3: Choose Needles

Choose a needle with a gauge that works for your yarn weight

Step 4: Cast On!

Cast on in whatever style you prefer enough stitches to cover the diameter of your favourite mug (mine is 12 inches for reference)

Step 5: Knit Body of Cozy

Knit desired length of square to fit mug. Mine is 4 inches for reference.
At the 2” mark, on the right side of the work, at the beginning of the row, knit 3, yo, ssk. This will create a small hole that you can thread your loop through at the end.

Step 6: Attach Button

dive Into your button stash and pick a cute button. Attach to the end opposite the hole that was made earlier.

Step 7: Create Button Loop

You could create a buttonhole, but I prefer a loop so that the cozy can fit on multiple widths of mug.

Cut 3 pieces of yarn approximately 4” long. Thread them through the hole that you made so that each length is 2 inches. Braid each half and knot into a loop big enough to wrap around the button.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Enjoy your favourite drink in the coziest mug!

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    4 years ago

    That's a really cute idea for keeping your tea warm :)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks! It was really fun to make :)