Introduction: Steak-On-A-Stake

If you enjoy acting like a caveman carnivore, you'll love this simple summertime meal!


Steak - Any cut good for grilling, but the more tender the easier it will be to eat off the Stake. You could also use lamb or another meat if you prefer.
Kosher Salt - To taste
Pepper - To Taste

Step 1: Preparation

First, salt the meat. Sprinkle Kosher salt over all sides of the steak and rub lightly. Do not rub all the salt into the steak.

Skewer the steak with Kebab Sticks or metal skewers or anything. I like to send my little brother out for hickory sticks he can take carve the bark of to keep him busy and add a neat flavor. Add extra salt around where the stick enters the steak.

Let sit for ten minutes. This will help form a flavorful seal around the outside of the steak that keeps the juices trapped inside.

Start heating the grill up to Low Medium.

Step 2: License to Grill

Grill on Medium Low until done to your liking. Be sure not to overcook as it will dry the meat out and make it difficult to eat off the Stake, and you will end up having to use boring utensils instead of your Mandibles of Death

Step 3: Consume

The best part: pepper to taste and Enjoy!

Be sure you eat noisily and make a mess. Youre a caveman after all.

This is especially popular with the young and young at heart. The youngin's in your life will soon look forward to caveman night with glee!

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