Introduction: Step-by-step Potato Pyramide

Hi guys,
together we will build a potato-pyramide in your garden. Enjoy the journey and have fun!!

Step 1: Your Favorite Place!

First of all, you need the right spot in your garden for your pyramide....

Step 2: Choose What You Want!

...and then you need the right wood. When you don’t know which wood you need (think about the circumstances and conditions in your garden) - ask in your building center – they will help you. I’m sure :)...

*I used an impregnated larch. I bought 8 planks with a length of 2 meter*

Step 3: Cut It! step: You cut the wood planks into different lengths...

Here are the measurement:

4 Planks: 100 x 20 cm

4 Planks: 72 x 20 cm

4 Planks: 52 x 20 cm

4 Planks: 38 x 20 cm

Step 4: Nail It!

...put all 4 Planks together - and in the end you have 4 squares...

Step 5: Get Some Dirt!

...after my garden work - I drove to an farmer next to me and get some biological dirt for our pyramide. You need around 200-300L dirt to fill up your pyramide...

Step 6: Fill It!

...put the dirt into the squares and step by step add all quares and fill them...

Step 7: Ready to Get Some Potatoes! every single corner and also on the top, put 1 or 2 potatoes. the pyramid needs every second day some water. after few weeks you see on every corner some plants growing up and in around 2-3 months some potatoes are ready to harvest.

Sorry for my broken english - but have fun!!

Step 8: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


When you bought too much dirt - your chicken will love it! <3