Step-by-step Potato Pyramide




Introduction: Step-by-step Potato Pyramide

Hi guys,
together we will build a potato-pyramide in your garden. Enjoy the journey and have fun!!

Step 1: Your Favorite Place!

First of all, you need the right spot in your garden for your pyramide....

Step 2: Choose What You Want!

...and then you need the right wood. When you don’t know which wood you need (think about the circumstances and conditions in your garden) - ask in your building center – they will help you. I’m sure :)...

*I used an impregnated larch. I bought 8 planks with a length of 2 meter*

Step 3: Cut It! step: You cut the wood planks into different lengths...

Here are the measurement:

4 Planks: 100 x 20 cm

4 Planks: 72 x 20 cm

4 Planks: 52 x 20 cm

4 Planks: 38 x 20 cm

Step 4: Nail It!

...put all 4 Planks together - and in the end you have 4 squares...

Step 5: Get Some Dirt!

...after my garden work - I drove to an farmer next to me and get some biological dirt for our pyramide. You need around 200-300L dirt to fill up your pyramide...

Step 6: Fill It!

...put the dirt into the squares and step by step add all quares and fill them...

Step 7: Ready to Get Some Potatoes! every single corner and also on the top, put 1 or 2 potatoes. the pyramid needs every second day some water. after few weeks you see on every corner some plants growing up and in around 2-3 months some potatoes are ready to harvest.

Sorry for my broken english - but have fun!!

Step 8: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


When you bought too much dirt - your chicken will love it! <3

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    2 years ago

    With potatoes to get a decent yield you plant the seed potatoes ,wait until they get about 8 inches high then start covering the lower third or so with fresh soil. You can do it here but plant all your seed in the bottom one first then add the layers as the plant grows . Heap up as much as possible . Left as noted here and the yield will be feeble.


    2 years ago

    This is a quite a clever idea. I like it!