Introduction: Step in Disinfectant Sprayer

In this tough time when whole nation is fighting from this pandemic and where social distancing is must so i have designed and made a project based on no touch , as soon you step in the disinfectant spray on your body as there are no sensor just using mechanical mechanism and also easy to make just try it out.


  • 4' to 2.5' reducer (2)
  • 2.5' to 1 connector (1)
  • 1' pipe 10ft
  • 2.5' pipe 1ft
  • 4' pipe 1ft
  • 3' bolt and nut
  • 12v water pump
  • Spring
  • Tools

Step 1: Assembly of Parts

Just once go through my video and assemble the parts as i have done its very easy to assemble the parts once assembly is done just insert the pump inside the 4' pipe so that it cant be seen and cover using reducer

Step 2: Mechanical Step Button Assembly

To make mechanical step button just take 1ft by 1ft wooden plywoods and keep one above another in between place springs with bolts and nuts later in middle of wood place a button as shown with pvc pipe taking wiring connection for pump and fix it.

Step 3: Done!

and finally its done do it yourself and enjoy also be carefull from this pandemic.Stay safe be safe.