Introduction: Stepping Into the World of SMD

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My evolution of building electronics went the same way like everyone's else...

Using breadboard

Moving towards soldering on perfboards

Creating my own thou hole PCB

But the time comes when you need to put on big boy or girl pants and start experimenting with SMD components. There are 3 problems that stop people from throwing themselves into the great and wonderfull world of SMD.

  1. Scared of soldering the tiny SMD components.
  2. Having what to solder the components on.
  3. People don't like change...

Step 1: ​Soldering SMD Components

There are some great youtube videos on the mechanics of soldering components. Depending on the soldering skills here is the list of the components sizes that are suitable...

Here is one of the better videos made in 2007 -


SOIC - All kinds of goodies come in this package

SOT223 - power and other things

1206 and bigger - Resistors and capacitors

HC49 - Oscillator


0603 and 0803 - Resisots and capactors

SOT23 Power



I get a machine to do it

0201 capacitors and resistors

SC70 QFN and BGA

Step 2: Soldering SMD on Something

Now you watched the videos and chosen some new cool components but now you need something to experiment on. There are couple of options here...

You can solder tiny wires to the ends of the component....

Or etch your own PCBs

But there are some more civil ways of doing it, one is using SMD breakout boards they are nice little smd to through-hole converters or use SMD Prototyping board that gives you access to the most used SMD sizes.

You can buy one in my shop

Step 3: Change Your Attitude

Just do it. Yes its scary, yes you will make mistakes. But that the way to learn. Here are some of my solderin attempts...