Introduction: Sterling Silver and Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

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Perfect jewelry to either make for your bridesmaids, or wear yourself.

Step 1: Tools

Tools used for this included:
-Round-nosed pliers
-Flat-nosed pliers
-Steel block or jewelers anvil
-Wire Cutters

Step 2: Materials

For this my main materials were:
-20 gauge sterling silver wire
-10mm jump rings
-4mm jump rings
-Freshwater pearls
-Ear wires
I suggest practicing any of these with copper wire before using the sterling silver simply so you don't waste materials.

Step 3: Making Eyelets - Part 1

For the eyelets:
1. Cut several pieces of 5 inch wire.  (I suggest an even number of pieces)
2. Find the center of each wire piece with the wider part of your round-nosed pliers and bend it down to form a "U" shape.

Step 4: Eyelets - Part 2

3. Approximately 1/4 from the very ends of your round-nosed pliers, curl the ends of the wire outward on each "U" piece, to form tiny closed circles.

Step 5: Eyelets - Part 3

4. Gripping the circle tightly in the flat nosed pliers, continue curling the wire around itself in the same direction to increase the diameter at every turn. Do the same for the other side.

Step 6: Eyelets - Part 4

Your eyelet will look like this:

Step 7: Eyelets - Part 5

5. Gently hammer your spiral eyelet to work harden it

Step 8: Eyelets - Part 6

6. Two eyelets can then be fastened together using 10mm jump rings

Step 9: Eyelets - Finishing Notes

You can continue to fasten the eyelets together in this fashion using smaller jump rings. However, I opted to create small cages with fresh water pearls inside to place between each spiraled eyelet setup.
I love the look of these uneven pearls

Step 10: Cages - Part 1

1. Cut your wire 4 inches in length.
2. Gripping the wire with the end of your round-nosed pliers, curl the tip around.

Step 11: Cages - Part 2

3. Continue to create the spiral as above going half way up the wire by gripping and turning with your flat nosed pliers. Similarly, the other end should be curled in the opposite direction forming an "S" shape.

Step 12: Cages - Part 3

4. Fold the wire in half so the two spirals are on top of each other.

Step 13: Cages - Part 4

5. Carefully pull the central circles out from each spiral at right angles using your round-nosed pliers.

Step 14: Cages - Part 5

6. Gently pull out these loops, extending the spiral and opening the spaces between each coil.

Step 15: Cages - Part 6

7. Prize open the center of the cage carefully placing your bead inside the middle of the extended wire spiral. Press the wire cage gently around the bead and even out the coils. (Use your fingers on this one.)

Step 16: Cages - Part 7

8. These cages can then be connected to the eyelets using 4mm jump rings.

Step 17: Cage - Notes

For the earrings, don't open the second loop of the pearl cages and simply attach the one loop to the eyelet, and the other end of the eyelet to the earwire.

Step 18: Fastener - Eye - Part 1

Last of all, you need to create your fasteners!
For the eye of the fastener:
1. Cut a 2 inch piece of wire. To create the circular shape, wrap your wire around the widest part of you round-nosed pliers approximately half way

Step 19: Fastener - Eye - Part 2

2. Bind the projecting end around the "stem" wire and secure. Leave just under 1/2inch to make the end loop with the stem wire which can be used to connect to your necklace or bracelet.

Step 20: Fastener - Eye - Part 3

3. Gently work harden the circular loop taking care not to tap where the wire is wrapped around as it would weaken it.

Step 21: Fastener - Eye - Part 4

4. Use your round-nosed pliers to attach the suspension link to your creation

Step 22: Fastener - Hook - Part 1

And now for your Extra-Strong Hook.
1. Cut your wire 3 inches in length, and fold in half using the tip of your round-nosed pliers. Squeeze the wires together to make sure they run parallel.

Step 23: Fastener - Hook - Part 2

2. Leaving about 1 inch of doubled wire, use the flat nosed pliers to bend the end of one wire so the two wires are at right angles to one another.

Step 24: Fastener - Hook - Part 3

3. Wrap the turned out wire around the main stem wire to secure. Snip off any excess.

Step 25: Fastener - Hook - Part 4

4. Place your round-nosed pliers at their widest point about three quarters of the way up the doubled wire, and curl the doubled wire down to form a hook.

Step 26: Fastener - Hook - Part 5

5. Curl the tip of your hook up into a small lip with the tip of your round-nosed pliers.

Step 27: Fastener - Hook - Part 6

6. Finish off the other end of the fastener by using the round-nosed pliers to create a small loop to attach and link to your necklace or bracelet.

Step 28: Finishing Up

Create these links to make the appropriate length for whatever piece you're making, and you'll have some very stylish jewelry made by you.
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