Introduction: DIY Calligraphy

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Let's be honest here folks, my hand writing, it is TERRIBLE.
However, for wedding invitations, I wanted to add a touch of formal (ie, no printing on the envelope and no labels), but I didn't want to go crazy trying to draw lines on the envelope and then erase, and then cry myself to sleep because the whole thing looked a wreck.

Sooo... behold!  An easy way to get that gorgeous special calligraphy, and still stay sane.

Tools you'll need:
- Printer
- Envelopes
- Scotch Removable Tape
- Calligraphy ink
- Calligraphy Dipping Pen
- Patience

Step 1: Tack the Envelope Down and Print.

When you feed your envelopes through your printer, you may discover a terrible thing, the dang envelope keeps jamming!

For this, I highly recommend Scotch Removable Tape.  Just take two little pieces, tack the flap of the envelope down, and it runs through the printer like a charm.  No more jamming.  Then, when you're done, you can take the tape off without damaging the paper.

Pick a font you like, and then using a program such as Word, Pages or InDesign, print your addresses on your envelope.  I personally prefer the return address on the back flap, and the main address on the front.

Another note about choosing what color to print, I suggest picking a color close to the shade of the envelope... this way if you don't trace EXACTLY over you letters, no one will notice.

Step 2: Tracing and Patience.

Now, take your trusty calligraphy dipping pen and ink well.  These can be purchased at a store like Michael's, Blick, or an art store.  If you don't like the shade of calligraphy ink available, liquid acrylic works just as well.

Carefully dip and trace over the letters.  It takes some time and patience, but the effect is worth it.

Step 3: Finished Effect!

After you're done, let it dry a bit.  Then remove your tape.

The end effect is what looks like a hand made calligraphy job, and the ink is slightly raised like thermography.

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