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It is a well known fact that the best place to hide anything is to hide it in plain sight. Well, but the point is what is that "plain sight".This Instructable helps you with that! "stick-o-hide" glue from the outside but your safe money deposit box from the inside. Now hide your "secrets" easily and to top that use the glue stick as well!

Step 1: Putting Money in a Plastic Sealing Bag

Firstly take a plastic sealing bag as shown in the picture and add the money you want to keep in that bag. This is done so as to protect your money from glue and keep your precious money safe.

Step 2: Removing the Glue Stick

Now take your glue stick and remove the inner part of the glue stick. the glue stick after removing should look hollow like shown above.

Now clean it thoroughly so as to make sure it is not sticky anymore.

Step 3: Inserting Money

Roll the money you packed in the plastic sealing bag and put it inside the hollow glue stick.

Step 4: Inserting Back Glue in Glue Stick

After keeping your money in the empty glue stick tube,cut a small piece of glue from glue stick as shown above and place it over the rolled money. After following the original steps your glue stick should look just like any ordinary glue stick.

Now you can brilliantly hide your money without anyone knowing it.! Hide away! right away!

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4 years ago

That's a good hiding spot :)