Introduction: Sticky Note - Ninja Star

All you need for this project is about 7 sticky notes. You can choose any color and mix it up.



Step 1: Fresh Sticky Note

You want to start with a fresh sticky note that doesn't have any creases in it yet. Otherwise it won't come out the best.

Step 2: Fold It "Diagonally"

I like to call this the "Diagonal Fold"

Then open it up

Diagonal fold it the other way..

So, It'll look like the next photo.

Step 3: Open

Creases should look like this..

Step 4: Horizontal Fold

Fold it like a "hamburger" style

Open it up

Step 5: Corner Fold to Center

Step 6: Fold Other Corner to Center

Step 7:

Step 8: Push Bottom Up

Push the bottom center up.

As you get the center up you want to pinch the middle of it.

One you get that part.. It should start wanted to naturally fold

Making it look like the next image..

Step 9:

Step 10: Repeat the Process by Making 7.

I usually make 8 so that it makes it even with the colors but 7 works better.

Step 11: Connecting

Both open flaps need to be facing right.

So that we can connect them by the pointed openings.

Closing the folded corners will help secure it.

Step 12: Fold Pointed Corner to Secure

Step 13: Repeat Process

Step 14: Final Product

Now, you can push it inwards to the center.