Introduction: Sticky Rice Sorbet / Smoothie

Hello everyone! This is a recipe from the province Guizhou in China. Its a super easy gluten-free snack that can easily be adjusted to accommodate with lactose intolerant.

What you will need: ( 1 Servings worth )

- 40g of sweet glutinous rice ( any brand works, they are sold commonly at any grocery store)

- 50g of preferred fresh fruit ( if frozen reduce the amount of rice and ice by 20g)

- 1 Tbsp of sugar ( adjust to taste)

- 200g of ice or frozen milk

- Preferred Toppings

Note : In the images shown, i have made 8 servings.

Step 1: Cook the Sweet Glutinous Rice

There is no direct measurement for the water in this step.

Prepping the Rice

I always wash the rice before cooking it.

Ideally, it is better to soak the rice for 2 hr before cooking, as it will be quicker over the stove. Soaking the rice for 2 hr beforehand will ensure that the rice will be cooked, however there are some brands that wont need soaking.

I am not sure in how to check as each brand has their differences, so the best way of checking it is to cook it.

There is many ways of cooking this rice, but there are two easy ways to cook this:

1) Use a rice cooker - Cook the rice as directed by the rice cooker.

2) Over a stove - For the water, pour enough water that when you dip in your finger in the water (above the rice,) it should reach the first joint of the pointer finger. If this is too difficult, just keep enough water in the rice to keep it moist and not dry. Thoroughly cook the rice.

Don't worry if it turns out too runny! It will be easier for the blender to blend

Step 2: Prepping Frozen Milk

This step is simply added in for the people who like a little bit of dairy in their frozen goods.

Ideally, it would be better to have a tray for freezing ice cubes, but i like doing mine in a tray. :D

Step 3: Blending

After the rice has cooled and the milk (if used) is frozen, it is time to blend!

Blend all the ingredients till smooth.

Work quick as they will melt!

Step 4: Sharing the Frozen Sorbet / Smoothie

I've made a mango flavored one with coconut milk toppings and tapioca pearls.

Note: If you want it more like sorbet, freeze it for an hour before serving or simply add more ice to the blender.

However, the potential flavors are limitless!


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