Introduction: Stiffie Drive Book Page Marker

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Stiffie book page marker
Here it is maybe the simplest project on this site.
I hate throwing any thing away but it was time to ditch the bundle of
stiffie(micro floppy ) drives.
But the aluminium sliders just looked to good to toss.

Step 1: Clipping Off the Silver Slider.

clipping off the Silver slider.
This is done by twisting the plastic disc slightly and unclipping the slider.

Step 2: Flattening the Little Clips.

Flattening little clips.
once the silver slider is off there are three little folded bits that held it onto the plastic disk.THese will be high spots when you slide the page marker onto a page.So flatten them with a screwdriver or a pair of long nose pliers.

Step 3: Tools Needed

Your fingers,and a long nosed pliers

Step 4: Ready to Use.

Simply slide the page marker over the page you want to remember.
Happy reading.