Introduction: Stinky April Fools!

in this instructable i will show you how to make an april fools prank that cost little money and is quite easy to do! Vote for me!

Step 1: Step One... the Materials

Get some trapline lure. it may be hard to find some anymore, but on E-bay i'll bet some people have it. it only costs around $7 (or whatever you call it in those eroupean countries). be careful what kind though, 'cuz some are permanent! :~D Also get some masking tape and write a big "April Fools!" on the side.

Step 2: Put the Lime on the Coconut,

put the masking tape on the lure bottle.

Step 3: And You Shake It All Up!

unscrew the lid and put next to or under someones pillow. MWWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

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